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Motorcycle Medical Response Team!

What used to be MSET-TX is now known as the Motorcycle Medical Response Team more in keeping with our mission. We still provide EMS, communications and support with our primary focus at most events is to provide care for you and your particpants at your events.

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Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month (except November and December) at 7PM:


2121 Parmer Lane

Austin, Texas 78727 - (512) 491-0434


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Who we are and what we do:

MotoMRT is a collection of motorcyclists, ham radio operators, and Emergency Medical professionals volunteering their time and talents supporting community charity events. We are an active First Responder Organization delivering both Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Communications at a variety of mobile (primary) and fixed base/standby events (secondary). MotoMRT frequently supports bicycle races raising funds for worthy causes, where our motorcycle medics follow the cyclists on their routes and provide care as needed, both on the side of the road and at rest stops. At stand-by events, such as festivals open to the general public, we staff the First-Aid tent and provide care at the BLS level for all event attendees. Due to the unique mobility of motorcycles in high traffic, MotoMRT is able to respond rapidly to calls such that patients often receive initial care before arrival of an ambulance (if needed). 

MotoMRT was founded in 2002 with the philosophy to provide outstanding emergency medical care and communications at charitable events in Austin and the surrounding area.  While based out of Austin, Texas, we support events within a 50-100 mile radius, encompassing locations such as Liberty Hill, Georgetown, New Braunfels, and Luckenbach. Our motorcycle medical team members are outfitted with any combination of onboard oxygen tanks, AEDs, medical and trauma jump bags, pulse oximeters, emergency lights, sirens and amateur radios. With the added motorcycle mobility, reliable two-way radio communications, our team is dedicated to ensuring events run smoothly and safely. We are the only 501c(3) volunteer organization providing EMS on motorcycles in the area, and are highly requested by events sponsors for our unique capabilities and professional care.

MotoMRT is a Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) registered First Responder Organization (FRO) and all our members are volunteers. Our medical members are nationally and state certified at the Emergency Medical Responder and Technician levels and have Medical Direction under Dr. Mark Ackrell. Our team income comes solely from member dues ($12 per year) and charitable donations from events we support. Members supply their own vehicles and FCC-approved amateur radio equipment, and may be reimbursed fuel and meal expenses during events.  MotoMRT also provides members with medical supplies and regular training.

MotoMRT communications members are FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators and have two primary roles. One is to provide net control or dispatch services for our medical operations and event partners. The other is to provide communications support to our partners that are not authorized to operate amateur radio equipment and members who are in the process of obtaining their FCC amateur radio operator license.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds, and all contribute their perspectives and talents while dedicating their volunteer time to EMS and communications. Most members work full-time in fields including engineering, science, public health and safety administration, law, nursing, and others.

A list of events that we historically and presently support is provided below. To better elucidate the style of events for which we provide our services, we include a brief description of select events below. Given that the events we support are themselves non-profit agencies raising money for good cause, we provide our services for absolutely no cost, or by donation. Donations typically span $100-$300 per event, and most of our events occur in the months of April-May and August-November.

Events we support:

The American Heroes Air Show is held each April at Camp Mabry in Austin.  The event is open to the public and showcases the roles played by military helicopters and the aviation industries in the field of search and rescue, fire and law enforcement.  The event honors our American Heroes that have served our country.  Featured events include World War II reenactments, K-9 search & rescue and the travelling war memorial wall. MotoMRT has provided on-site EMS support for visitors and participants of this amazing 2-day event for over 8 years.

The Devil's Backbone Triathlon is held in and around Canyon Lake and the Devil's Backbone (Farm Road - R.M.32) in the Texas Hill Country near New Braunfels and Wimberly. MotoMRT provides on-route EMS and Emergency communications for racers and spectators alike.  

The Armadillo Hill Country Classic is a wonderful bicycle ride that raises money to support cycling in Central Texas.   The ride wanders through the Texas Hill Country and the Balcones Canyon-lands National Wildlife Refuge. MotoMRT has provided on-route EMS and emergency communications for this ride for over 15 years.

The annual Red Poppy Ride benefits the SERTOMA scholarship program for Georgetown ISD and the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center.

The annual Texas Autism Bike Ride benefits the Autism Society of Central Texas and proceeds are used to fund local programs to promote education and awareness and to provide resources for families living with autism. MotoMRT is proud to have supported this event for many years and is honored to continue supporting the Autism society. 

The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride is an annual bike ride, for riders of every ability, that raises funds to support local support programs and services for breast cancer fighters and survivors.

The Harvest Classic European and Vintage Motorcycle Rally benefits the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation. MotoMRT has operated the medical tent at this event for many years.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage style motorcycle riders all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. MotoMRT is the first agency to provide mobile EMS support for the Austin ride.

Other events with whom we have partnered include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 3M Half Marathon Relay
  • Armadillo Hill Country Classic
  • Austin Autism Ride
  • Bat City Classic Bike Race
  • BTU Power Pedal Bike Race
  • Capital 10K Fun Run
  • Danskin Triathlon
  • Devil's Backbone Triathlon
  • Armadillo Hill Country Classic
  • Austin Autism Ride
  • Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride
  • Easter Hill Country Tour - Kerrville
  • Heart Association Heart Walk
  • Hill Country Ride for Aids
  • LAF LiveStrong Challenge
  • Light the Night Leukemia Society Walk
  • Longhorn ½ Ironman
  • Mamma Jamma
  • Mighty Texas Dog Walk
  • Outlaw Trail 100 Bike Trail
  • Rip Roarin Ride
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • RunTex 20
  • Senior Olympics
  • Special Olympics
  • Shiner GASP
  • Southwest Key Program Go for Gold
  • Spokes n Spurs Ride for the Ranch
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • Tour De Cure
  • Trek Woman’s Triathlon
  • Walburg Classic Road Race


In addition to mobile events, we have an experienced fixed-event team. From short events lasting a few hours to week-long events requiring 24/7 support, we support (currently, or in the past):

  • Austin Summer Fest HAM Radio Show
  • Custom Sounds Texas Heat Wave
  • Harvest Classic Rally, Luckenbach, TX
  • The Republic Of Texas Biker Rally (ROT Biker Rally)
  • Shoreline Christian Center Concerts
  • Texas Rollergirls

To top off our portfolio, we have given back to the community by hosting one of the largest landing zone safety training classes in Texas. Working hand in hand with organizations such as PHI STAT Air Georgetown, STAR Flight, and Shoreline Christian Center, we bring this free training to emergency medical, fire department and law enforcement personnel, first responder teams, nurses, search and rescue teams, search and rescue dogs, amateur radio operators, Boy and girls scouts, and the general public. Participants learn how to be valuable members during a helicopter landing while earning much needed continuing education credits (both TDSHS and TCLEOSE).

We are recognized as a nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We do not charge for our services and are supported solely by charitable contributions and grants. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided under U.S. tax law.

If you or someone you know is organizing an event which will require medical and / or communications support, please contact us about using our services by e-mailing pio (at) motomrt (dot) org.

And, if you are interested in volunteering your time on any of our events, we would love to have you join us!

Motorcycle Medical Response Team of Texas
P. O. Box 891
Florence, TX 77527